Los Angeles Ballers Fight Till the End to Take Down Houston Ballers

LaMelo Ball dribbles up court against the Houstson Ballers

LAS VEGAS – From what appeared to be a back and forth battle between two teams who didn’t want to lose, LaMelo Ball and the Los Angeles Ballers were able to pull away late to win their fourth straight game in the second round of the season.

In what was an unpredictable nonstop battle, the Los Angles Ballers defeated the Houston Ballers 169-153 at the Orleans Arena. LiAngelo Ball scored 52 points with six rebounds, three assists, four steals, and three blocks to lead the Los Angeles Ballers to victory.

As the last game of the season for Los Angeles and Houston, both teams fought to gain a position at the top of the standings for playoffs. The game was full of lead changes, including multiple point swings between the second and fourth quarters. Los Angeles took control of the first quarter with quick and efficient ball movement. With their signature trap defense, the Los Angeles Ballers led after the first quarter 40-31.

“Being 4-0 that’s a good thing going into the playoffs, but we have to play much better on the defensive end and rebounding on defense,” said Coach Balthazar. LiAngelo is going to help us tremendously. He’s a [force] big body out there and it’s difficult for the other guys to match up against him.”

Houston took control in the second and third quarters, outscoring Los Angeles. However, Los Angeles led Houston 124-120 at the end of third quarter. While there were several ties and fluctuations in the first half, Los Angeles ran away with the game at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Los Angeles outscored Houston 45-33 in the final quarter, limiting the Houston Ballers from the field. Houston was unable to stay in the game after a 10-point margin set in, as the Los Angeles Ballers dominated the second half.

“I feel good going into the playoffs because my team is confident. We all play hard and we’re all ready to go so when playoffs come we’ll be ready,” said LiAngelo Ball.

The Los Angeles Ballers (6-2) were led by LaMelo Ball, who tallied 34 points, 20 assists, nine rebounds and two steals — just missing another triple-double. Niles Malone finished with 29 points, nine rebounds, nine assists and two steals. Greg Floyd fouled out during the fourth quarter with nine points, seven rebounds, two assists and three steals.

Curtis Hollis led the Houston Ballers (3-5) with 33 points, eight rebounds, nine assists, two blocks and one steal. After a star-studded performance, Jordon Myers fouled out at the 5:30 mark in the fourth quarter with 33 points, 14 rebounds, eight assists, three steals, and one block.

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