Hollis, Springer lead JBA USA to victory over Liepaja

After the victory in Svendborg, Denmark, Curtis Hollis was asked to take a different offensive role.

Hollis and Je’rrell Springer definitely took a different role in Team JBA USA 131-118 victory over Liepaja on Monday at the Liepajas Olimpiskais centrs in Liepaja, Latvia.

Springer led JBA USA (2-2) with 36 points to go with his seven rebounds and five assists while Hollis scored 28 points to go with his 11 rebounds, seven steals and six assists. Team JBA USA outrebounded Liepaja 56-44 while Liepaja turned the ball over 25 times against JBA USA 15 turnovers.

“I think we are finally getting comfortable with each other,” Springer said. “We are getting comfortable with the system. We have to just keep pushing and keep rebounding. We have to cut back on the small fouls. We have to keep staying solid on defense.”

Team Captain LiAngelo Ball scored 28 points to go with nine rebounds and six assists while his little brother, LaMelo Ball, scored 26 points with 14 assists, seven steals and seven rebounds for Team JBA USA, which outscored Liepaja for all, but the first quarter. It was the first time this season where neither of them led their team in scoring

Justin Johnson, who played his college ball at Concordia University in Irvine, California, led Liepaja with 36 points and 11 rebounds. Roberts Krastins scored 18 points, Taylor Bessick added 16 points and Amis Ate scored 12 points to go with his six assists for Liepaja.

JBA USA led all, but 10 minutes of the game and were up as much as 20 points thanks by the presence of Nyang Wek, who scored seven points and nine rebounds before fouling out in late in the fourth quarter.

Although he was available, Jordan Ray did not play as JBA USA had their rotation working well according to Team JBA USA coach Doyle Balthazar. Ray didn’t practice this weekend as he was resting his ankle.

Deon Lyle scored two points in his return after having oral surgery due to an injury last Monday during JBA USA game against Dzukija.

JBA USA will now head to Moscow, Russia as they will take on CSKA Moscow on Wednesday, October 10 at 12:30 EST.

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  1. Richard Hill

    Congratulations to the coaches, the team and LaVar for establishing a NEW PLATFORM for these kids to showcase their talents.
    God forbit that a black man not only recognize the flaws in the current college recruiting tree but implement a very good alternative for the many kids who have fallen through the cracks, Imagine, doing all this WITHOUT WHITE INVOLEMENT!
    I see the JBA establishing itself as a conduit for many foreign teams when they are looking for American talent. I say this because LaVar can recruit nationally, schedule international games, which gives these teams a first hand look at these kids, ALL BEFORE SIGNING THEM. It also will reduce their ” overseas recruiting costs and in time, curtail the amount of communication with entities like the AAU, NCAA, G League, NBA.
    By hooking up with facebook, LaVar is able to COMPLETELY BY PASS ALL US MEDIA OUTLETS and give GLOBAL COVERAGE to the JBA.
    But many of the major media outlets are tied into the STATUS QUO, ergo they will have no vested interest in seeing the JBA succeed.
    Finally, on an annual basis, only about 120 kids get to the NBA and G League so for every one that does make it; there are literally a thousand who don’t. Where is the concern for all the kids who signed on the dotted line but WERE NEVER HEARD OF AGAIN?
    The JBA is giving these kids an alternate platform to showcase their skills and hopefully they will be able to play at the next level, whether it be in the USA or abroad.

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