Gelo, Hollis keep JBA USA win streak alive with another lopsided win in Turkey

Although the 38 point victory on Saturday was great, Team JBA USA moved on and put their focus on their next opponent.

Basically, tonight was just rinse and repeat for JBA USA.

Curtis Hollis messed around and got his second straight triple double to lead JBA USA to a 154-130 victory over ITU Basket on Monday night at Sportingwork Sport Hall in Istanbul, Turkey.

The victory extends JBA USA (13-2) winning streak to 12 games.

Hollis scored 40 points with 11 rebounds and 10 assists while LiAngelo Ball led all scorers with 43 points to go with his eight assists and Jordan Ray scored 28 points with 16 assists for JBA USA, which only had seven turnovers to ITU Basket 17 turnovers.

“It feels good to get another triple double,” Hollis said. “It feels good to continue to win. It feels great to be playing with these guys. I’m having so much fun. It just feels great playing out here. We started out fast and we started to make our shots. We just wanted to come out off the gate hard. That was our best half ever, scoring 82 at the half. We are just going to keep coming out hard the rest of the way.”

Deon Lyle scored 22 points to go with his seven rebounds for JBA USA while Melvin Davis added 11 points and 13 boards.

JBA USA was outrebounded 54 to 50 despite no one on ITU Basket getting double digits in rebounds.

Jerome Frink led ITU Basket with 32 points and eight assist while 7-0 big man Mumin Tunc added 18 points.

ITU Basket only led for four minutes of the game, all in the first quarter. It was all JBA USA from there.

“I know I have to come out the hardest,” Ball said. “It’s my job to get my team going. If I come in with confidence, it’s going to trickle down to the team. It’s all about staying focused. The game ain’t over until the clock hits zero. We just keep pushing until that zero. I have faith in my guys and they have faith in me. We all know each other, so we are going to keep pushing throughout the game.”

Adem Ören scored 15 points for ITU Basket, Mehmet Alemdaroglu scored 13 points to go with a team high nine rebounds.

Omercan Engin scored 13 points while dishing out six assists, Chad Frazier scored 11 points and Semh Say added 12 points, eights assist and seven boards for ITU Basket, which put on a dunk contest for the fans in the fourth quarter.

Calvin Brown scored five points with six rebounds while Harrison Rieger added five points for JBA USA, which heads to Macedonia for their next game on Thursday, November 15th.

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