July 31, 2018
Nolan Irby surveys the court for the New York Ballers

New York and Philadelphia Ballers Give Fans a Nonstop Overtime Showdown

Trenton – The JBA League’s first inaugural season has reached a close. The New York Ballers and Philadelphia Ballers put on a nonstop show leading into a strong overtime fight to the finish. The New York Ballers utilized a late surge to defeat the Philadelphia Ballers 84-81 in New Jersey at the CURE Insurance Arena. The...
Cameron Massey drives to the goal for the Dallas Ballers

Dallas Ballers Secure a Top Seed in the JBA Playoffs

Trenton – With their final game of the season, the Dallas Ballers locked in their fifth straight win over the Atlanta Ballers securing a top seed for the JBA playoffs. The Atlanta Ballers, starting point guard, Jordan Ray was unable to play due to an ankle injury. Atlanta struggled to overcome Dallas’ defense as they played...